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Who we are
How we started

We are an independent online art media based in Singapore. We cover writers, artists and musicians. We are privately funded, non-profit and staffed by a team of experienced writers who are passionate about creating content with real value for the benefit of humanity.

The idea for wordsartculture came from Muse, a Hong Kong bilingual cultural magazine that made a splash in the arts scene during its time. Muse was a media start-up like no other, all thanks to the passion of the founder and the dedicated staff who shared his vision and worked hard to make it work. Muse was an independent voice, delivering in-depth stories about Hong Kong art and culture, film reviews and original visuals by local artists. It won editorial awards and built up an endearing following among the arts community. I was part of the Muse movement in Hong Kong that gave new meaning to art journalism and blazed the trail for wordsartculture.

Jill Wong, Founder, wordsartculture

Our team

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